CR Injector repair

There are different manufacturers of common rail injectors. We are familiar with Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens (renamed Continental).

In turn, injectors can be divided according to the activators of the control chamber, i.e. electromagnet and piezo. All these injectors are made very precisely and work at high pressure (pressure 0-1800 bar on passenger cars, up to 2500 bar on trucks).
The design of each manufacturer's sprayer is different from the other, but the principle of spray control is the same for all of them. The spray is controlled through a hydraulic control chamber, which in turn is controlled by electricity.

Dieselland Service carries out full or partial repairs on all solenoid operated common rail injectors.

A complete overhaul means replacing the hydraulic control valve and nozzle, and then calibrating the nozzles on the stand. The result is actually a new injector and these injectors also work correctly on the car. Another option is a partial repair, which cannot really be called a repair. Can be called resuscitation. Such an activity consists in restoring the control valve, changing seals, changing the nozzle.

Partially repaired injectors are not guaranteed.

BOSCH Common-Rail injector operation

Bosch has revolutionized the technology of diesel power systems, especially in the form of the Common-Rail injection system. Direct injection ensures that the exact amount of fuel is delivered at the correct pressure for each combustion stroke. The result is maximum engine power with minimal fuel consumption and low emissions.

In the Common-Rail injection system, the fuel for all cylinders is stored in a common fuel tank (pipe) at a high pressure of up to 2200 bar. The solenoid valve controls the operation of the hydraulic control valve, which in turn ensures the correct amount of fuel injection at each load regime.

1 control flow , 2 ball valve stroke , 3 pressure in the common vessel (rail) , 4 needle stroke , 5 pressure in the control valve


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