In the event of a malfunction in the car, the most important thing is the correct diagnosis, i.e. finding the right sensors or actuators that do not work correctly.

It is not enough just to read error codes and replace parts. The previous story means ``in layman's terms``, for example, if the diagnostics shows an error in the air flow meter, it is not always necessary to change the air flow meter, but it may be affected by another part of the car or the failure is due to something else. But you also have to take into account the fact that when a noticeable error appears, it is sometimes necessary to replace or repair several car parts. It is not so easy to do all this every time. Proper diagnostics requires various diagnostic devices, knowledge of the operating principles of the systems and a lot of experience. Dieselland service workshops have original diagnostic equipment of Bosch, Denso, Delphi systems, employees gain knowledge and new experience every day.

Engine control:

G70- air volume meter (air volume reader), G28- engine speed sensor, G40- camshaft speed sensor, G79- gas pedal sensor (includes F8- kickdown switch and F60- idle speed switch), G62- coolant temperature sensor, G71- and G72 – intake manifold pressure and temperature sensor (turbo pressure sensor), F- clutch pedal switch sensor (F36), F47- brake pedal sensor, G81- fuel temperature sensor, F96- altimeter (altimeter above sea level, i.e. ambient air pressure), J284- engine control unit, G104 – ABS control unit, J217- automatic transmission control unit, J52- and Q6- pre-spark plugs and control unit, N240-N244 solenoid valves of pump injectors, K29- preheating control lamp, N18- EGR control valve, N75- turbo control valve, N239- intake manifold closing control valve, J445- cooling pump relay, V166- additional cooling pump. The control units share information with each other via the CAN line.


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